icon Features

What makes Mobile Genie so special?

  • icon Mobile Data Transfer
    Reduce reluctance to upgrading by letting them know their transition to a new phone will be effortless.
  • icon Excellent Phone Support
    Mobile Genie supports thousands of phones and more are being added all the time. You can rest assured the phone in question will be compatible.
  • icon Software Solution
    Mobile Genie is the only transfer solution that can be installed on a computer without the need for additional hardware.
  • icon Hardware Solution
    Mobile Genie is available as a touch screen Ultrabook solution that includes cables, SIM card reader, IrDA, and 1 year of updates.
  • icon User-Friendly
    Our software is so easy to use that it requires virtually no training.
  • icon Versatile Backups
    Not only can you backup important information to a USB drive, but you can also backup data to the cloud using a Google account.
  • icon Multiple Transfer Methods
    No cable? No problem! Mobile Genie supports Bluetooth and IrDA transfer. Our hardware option includes both.
  • icon Presets
    Automatically adds contacts and media to every target phone. Great for promotional material and repeat business.

icon Very powerful options built right in!

More than just a transfer solution, Mobile Genie allows you to offer additional services that generate revenue, such as:

  • Phone-to-USB backups
  • Phone-to-cloud backups
  • Upload media from computer
  • Restore phone data from various services