• Transfer Your Customers'
    Phone Data in Minutes

    Mobile Genie is a point-of-sale solution that allows you to:

    • Transfer contacts, text messages, tasks and media between phones
    • Backup customer cell-phone data to a USB drive
    • Restore customer cell-phone data from a USB drive or from the cloud

  • Support for Thousands of Phone Models

    We maintain an in-house library of phones and are constantly adding new phones as they are released. With Mobile Genie, you can be confident that the old phone a customer brings in, as well as any new phone you sell will be compatible.

  • Available as stand alone software
    or all-in-one Ultrabook solution

    Mobile Genie is available as flexible software option or a robust hardware solution. Our software can be installed on any PC. The hardware option is a touch-screen, bluetooth, & Wi-Fi enabled Ultrabook. Both options include our cable set, a SIM card reader as well as an IrDA connector, and it comes with 1 year of free updates.

  • Extremely User-Friendly
    almost no training required

    The first thing people notice when using Mobile Genie is how extremely easy it is to use. Our simple interface makes it a breeze for anyone to learn. Designed with you in mind, Mobile Genie provides a hassle-free and effortless customer service.

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    Transfer Customer Data

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    of phones

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    Optional Solutions

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    Extremely User-Friendly

Overcome your customers' reluctance to upgrade

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    Mobile Genie can read and write simulatanously, which dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to transfer content between phones.
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    Mobile Genie gives peace of mind, allowing you to backup your customers' data to a USB drive, or to a Google account. Your store will be a one-stop-shop for managing
    cellphone data.
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    Mobile Genie can be configured to load preset contacts. This allows you to easily add your store's contact information to every customer's phone.

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